Tractrix™ Spin Tool

Tractrix, stand-alone, automatic spin tool for 2” to 450mm substrates

The Tractrix™ tool is our top-of-the-line, spin track. If you process substrates from 2" to 450mm, need PC control and programmability, and require uniformity on a par with tier-1 systems, you've come to the right place. The Tractrix™ product not only encompasses all of the above, it fits into a very small footprint with an equally small price tag.



  • Precise, repeatable results
  • Competitive cost
  • Low maintenance
  • EZ-Switch™ quick, easy substrate size conversion
  • Sof-Touch™ wafer handling for efficient and smooth indexing, pick-and-place, positioning and transfer


Whether your process is g-line, i-line, DUV, or something completely unique, Spintrac Systems' Tractrix™ systems can be configured accordingly.