SpinBall™ Single-wafer Spin Station

SpinBall, small footprint, semi-automated track systems with manual load & unload

The SpinBall Spin Station is a small, manually loaded tool designed for the spin deposition of photoresists, developers, polymers and other materials common to integrated circuit photolithography. Built using the same proven technology of our production-grade Tractrix™ spin track, the SpinBall tool contains many of the same advanced components and automatic capabilities and is a low-cost alternative to automated systems.


  • Production
  • R&D
  • Special applications
  • For g-line, i-line, DUV
  • Substrates: silicon, compound semi (GaAs, others), glass
  • Substrate shapes: round, square, rectangle


  • Precise, repeatable results
  • Low cost of ownership; low maintenance
  • Intuitive programming and operation
  • Quick & easy substrate size conversion


  • Compact footprint (19"x 42" typical) (19"x 60" combo)
  • Configurations for 2" to 300 mm wafers, squares or pieces
  • Automated wafer transfer & centering
  • Combined coat & develop system configuration for cost-savings
  • Intuitive Windows-XP-based GUI
  • Programmable dispense arm
  • Interfaces available for most chemical pumps
  • Pop-up Help screens for assistance
  • Large capacity for program storage (hard drive)
  • Back up program retention (flash drive)
  • Advanced mechanical positioning and control systems

The SpinBall tool retains many Tractrix-style key features such as the advanced spin module, hot plate, and Windows®-based easy-to-use control software. It's all packaged in an economical, manually loaded, single-wafer system.

The SpinBall tool is flexible. It can contain just a spin module with all wafer load/unload and dispenses performed manually by the operator. Also, it can be configured to automatically dispense, spin, bake and chill completely under program control. You decide.