Spintrac Systems Books Repeat Order for Custom-Designed Photoresist Coater Tractrix™ System

Low-cost spin coater and developer includes environmental controls and reduced footprint configuration
Santa Clara, CA, July 5, 2017
Spintrac Systems, Inc., a Silicon Valley-based manufacturer of photoresist spin coater and developer systems, has received a repeat order from a key U.S. customer for its automated, cost-efficient Tractrix™ spin-coating system, configured to handle both 200-mm and 300-mm wafers. Custom features were specifically engineered to accommodate the customer’s needs for non-standard resist pumps, waste drain and environmental control components. In addition, to address the high cost of fab floor space, the system’s footprint was reduced to 28” x 94” (1.7 sq. m.).
Tractrix’s standard features include a proprietary linear transfer arm to transfer wafers between the front-opening shipping box (FOSB) and the process modules used in a customer’s desired process flow. Mechanical positioning systems utilizing micro-stepping motors perform precise moves with minimal maintenance needs. Utilizing a 15-amp brushless servo motor and Fuzzy logic bake control, exact process results are obtained with little or no calibration requirements.
“After experiencing over three years of excellent system performance, the customer came back to Spintrac Systems when they needed to add to their production capacity,” said Alan Kukas, president and CEO of Spintrac Systems.
Spintrac will be attending the SEMICON West trade show, July 11-13 at Moscone Center in San Francisco. Contact Spintrac to schedule a meeting and learn more about all of its new system configurations. Call 408-980-1155 or email info@spintrac.com.
About Spintrac Systems
Spintrac Systems, Inc. (formerly known as SITE Services, Inc.) has over 35 years of experience in supporting the manufacture of semiconductor and other related devices that utilizes the photolithography process. Spintrac Systems custom designs and manufactures a line of photolithography coat, bake and develop systems that are suited for R&D centers and production wafer fabs. Designs are targeted to handle silicon wafers and other substrates including compound semiconductors (InP, GaAs), sapphire, glass and ceramic substrates. Systems also can accommodate square and rectangular plates.
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Company Contact: Alan Kukas, 408.980.1155 or akukas@spintrac.com