About Us

About Us

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Spintrac Systems is a manufacturer of automated resist coating equipment for global high technology industries. Founded in 1980 as SITE Services, the company offers unique technologies to the photolithographic process including indexing, dispense and centering for its spin coating and developing systems.

Early Company Timeline

1980  -  Field service and technical training

1981  -  PCB repairs

1982  -  Maintenance upgrades

1983  -  Process upgrades (process bowl with backside EBR)

1985  -  Maintenance contracts (10 service engineers at IBM factory)

1988  -  Complete system upgrade and rebuild – GCA Wafertrack

1995  -  Complete ESVG (Enhanced SVG) system builds

1998  -  SITE’s 1st proprietary system – Millennium 2000

2012  -  SITE changes its name to Spintrac Systems.


In 1998, the first Tractrix™ (originally called the Millennium 2000) Spin Track was sold. Spintrac Systems incorporated the best of what we knew and did into a completely new track design. The Tractrix™ tool is small in footprint (19” x 66.5” typical) yet large in capability. Capable of processing wafers ranging in size from 2” to 300mm, it features pick-and-place wafer handling, PC-based graphical user programming and touch screen control.

The SpinBall is a manual version of the Tractrix model and handles wafers, squares and pieces from 2” to 300mm. It features automated recipe control and dispense, has single or multiple spin modules and is perfect for R&D, university or pilot line production.

Today Spintrac Systems is still headquartered in Silicon Valley and delivers design, manufacturing, training and applications support services from its factory in Santa Clara, California.

Tractrix, SpinBall, DevStar, EZ Switch, Sof-Touch and Spintrac and Spintrac Systems are trademarks of Spintrac Systems.